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Our Confederation



Having started in an effort to join forces with the “Industrialists and Businessmen Associations” in different corners of the country in the second half of 1990s, the SİAD movement held its first summit with the purpose of “making the industrialists and businessmen that are spread all over the country heard by the public, parliament and governments, producing projects to contribute to the national and regional development” on 17th of October 1997.

Trying to be only coordinated around a “Planning Committee” that holds summit for the first three years, SİADs named this union “Turkey SİAD Platform” on the 4th SİAD Summit held in Şanlıurfa on 17th of November 2000.  

The Platform formed the network of relations, ground for solidarity and cooperation of the associations of independent businessmen that operated in line with the same set of principles and objectives, that were free of political discriminations, and worked actively in their regions. With the “Turkey SİAD Platform Working Principles” signed by all the participant associations during the same summit and the “Executive Committee” that was elected, important steps were taken in the path of institutionalization.

Various sector associations led by TÜSİAD got together during the same year, founding a Platform of Sectoral Associations. The sector associations which used to get together in works that were made in order to put forth the competitive power of the sectors created a platform by forming a common “Executive Committee” and signing the common working principles this time. 

Within this process, the sectoral associations made competitive power analyses in preparation of the EU process as well as carrying on activities in their field. As for the regional associations, while watching the problems of their regions closely, they also followed the economic, political and social reforms that Turkey needed. They realized these works by means of the annual summits and board of directors that gathered at least three times a year and shared their opinions with the public.

Two years barely passed after their effort to institutionalize, the changes that took place in the legislation concerning the nongovernmental organizations initiated a new search. It was possible to define this search as the establishment of regional and sectoral Federations that would grasp the current structure the best way, that was functional and strong and these Federations taking over the founding position of a Confederation that would become an umbrella organization of the business world. 

The executive task of the organization works was granted to the Aegean Industrialists and Businessmen Association –ESİAD- by Turkey SİAD Platform.

The opinions of SIADs which were  platform members about coming together in a superior organization were asked through a survey in 2002.  International examples were studied. Various workshop studies were realized and thus pros and cons of such an organization were tabled for discussion. The potential problems were discussed. Later on, organization principles were set, regions were formed, organizations models that would accommodate different structures were discussed and sample bylaws were created.

Following bylaw changes required for associations to get together to establish superior organizations, federations started to be created.

The first federation –Western Anatolia Industrialist and Business Association Federation (BASİFED) – was founded on 9th of September 2003. BASİFED was followed by Marmara and Northern Anatolia Industrialist and Businessmen Associations Federation (İÇASİFED), Eastern Mediterranean Industrialist and Businessmen Association Federation (DASİFED), Sectoral Associations Federation (SEDEFED) and Eastern and Southeastern Industrialist and Businessmen Association Federation (DOGÜNSİFED), respectively.

Today, TÜRKONFED is one of the biggest nongovernmental organizations with the associations and businessmen that it has through the federations within its body.

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