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Aegean Industry and Business Association (ESIAD) was founded on 16 March 1992 under the leadership of pioneering industrialists and businessmen in the Aegean Region and started its activities on 4 July 1992. ESIAD is a non-governmental organization believing that free enterprise plays a critical role in economic development. Its members are prominent industrialists and businessmen of the region working on a volunteer basis to ensure that the Aegean Region contributes more to Turkey’s development efforts.

ESIAD emphasizes the importance of development based on production, and publicizes its opinions and recommendations related to economic and social issues and development potential of Turkey and the Aegean Region through media releases, publications, and meetings. ESIAD strives to create platforms which highlight opportunities and strengths of the region. On the other hand, ESIAD has strong relations with Izmir Development Agency (IZKA). In addition to the bonds, ESIAD’s chairman of the Higher Advisory Council is also the chairman of the IZKA Development Council. The association considers that informing the business community, particularly the industrialists, contributing to solutions of various issues, and bringing the community together are among its duties. As an NGO, it strives to contribute to the cultural development of our society.

ESIAD attaches great importance to foreign economic relations and endeavors to promote the region and Turkey, and to create cooperation opportunities among businessmen and companies. EU Information Center set up in ESIAD by the European Commission’s Turkey Office not only informs the public and regional organizations on the EU, its institutions and policies, but also uses existing information channels to develop Turkey-EU relations.

ESIAD is managed by a Board of Directors composed of 11 members. Its activities are supported through various committees set up with members of the association. “Higher Advisory Council” consisting of all the members of the association, is its highest advisory body and convenes twice a year to discuss current issues in the region and the nation.