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The Federation

Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association platform’s member associations which develop and reinforce their unity adding new dimensions to it since 1997, founded a new structure by the operations started at 2002 gathering in six Federations in Turkey level including five Regional Federation and one Sectoral Associations Federation.

BASİFED, being the “first” of these Federations, is founded in İzmir in 19 September 2013 by 16 associations collaborating and gathering in a region that includes 13 cities (Çanakkale- Balıkesir- Kütahya- Manisa- İzmir- Uşak- Afyon- Denizli- Aydın- Isparta- Burdur- Muğla- Antalya) from Antalya to Çanakkale in the West Anatolia.

Being the common voice of the industrialists and businessmen’s associations holding same purpose of foundation by common principles and goals and operating in 13 cities in its region, the main mission of BASİFED is to create a common working platform by insuring a union of forces among its members with the goals;

  • Contributing to the formation of regional, sectoral and national economic policies,
  • Developing projects for international integration and increase in competitive power by improving their regional and sectoral development visions
  • Releasing the problems and their solution suggestions regarding the business world to the public and the authorized bodies.

To contribute to the economic and social development of Turkey, grounding on Atatürk’s Turkish Republic vision and contemporary civilization goal, the primary objective of the institution is to establish strong and broad-based organization on an independent platform to;

  • Evaluate the regional and sectoral potentials in the best way,
  • Insure the institutionalization of the civil society and extensification of private enterprise system with an approach of secular, democratic and effective state of law
  • Developing the pioneer and entrepreneur qualities of industrialists and businessmen among the society caring about problems.

BASİFED, to actualize this mission and objectives, is carrying out its practices as a Federation cooperating with the related institutions in and out of borders and with similar nongovernmental organizations (such as TÜSİAD).

BASİFED, with this structural feature, is one of the first and concrete examples of restructuring of nongovernmental organizations in the regional level in Turkey, along the integration process with EU.

One of the most important features in the structuring of BASİFED is that it sets an example for the Classification of Regional Units Level 2 / NUTS 2 project which is set forth in the foundation of Regional Development Agencies; and will accordingly be implemented in regional development policies in Turkey as a condition pursuant to EU harmonization studies.